Sunday, September 28, 2014

Save Ganga - Clean The Tributaries DAY 1

We had a very common experience with booking the bicycles at Howrah Station for transport to Haridwar . We came to the Station with our bicycles at 11am, even though the Railways Department was fully aware of our requirement it took us till 4pm to finally resolve our issues.There was also an attempt for bribery. The bicycle prepared for transport by DOON EXPRESS will be transported by the UPASANA EXPRESS departing the next day. If that happens the delivery will be made the
same day we reach haridwar.

Hope that, what they're saying is what they'll do.

Here we go...

Some of the things we have learnt:

1. Even if the Railway Authority is informed, you may not be able to get what you
2. If you book your goods for transport it may not be delivered the day you intend to
   have it delivered.

3. If you are asked for bribe, do inform their superiors... it has worked.      




Wednesday, August 20, 2014

An Awareness Campaign and Cycle Rally

The purity of Ganga is at its precipice. The Holy water has become the carrier of deaths and diseases.

We, Paribesh Poriseba and Dibakar Memorial Explorers' Foundation  have taken it upon ourselves to create awareness among the people of this country. Cycling and trekking 2525 kilometers,from Goumukh, Uttarakhand to Gangasagar, West Bengal from the source to the mouth of Ganga, and travelling through 5 States and 34 Districts, we intend to spread awareness against Ganga River Pollution.

The campaign starts from 28th September till 13th November, 2014. This is a campaign with massive amplitude with many supporters and participants across Uttarakhand, Uttarpradesh,  Bihar, Jharkhand, and West Bengal.  NGOs, activists, students from schools, colleges and universities will be joining on the way.

The guidance for the program has been given by the following Mentors :

Dr. Kalyan Rudra - River Expert, Member of WBPCB

Ram Chandra Biswas - World Cyclist

Rameshwar Nath Mishra - Writer

Biswajit Mukherjee - Ex Chief Law Officer W.B.P.C.B.

Tridib Basu - Ex Jt. Director (NATMO) National Atlas & Thematic Mapping Organisation

Dr. Kaushik Majumdar - MRCP, FRCP

Dr. Asish Mukhopadhaya -DCH, MD(Psychiatrist)  HOD Psychiatric Dept.
                                             National Medical College, Kolkata

Prof. Satyen Jana - Geography and Environmental Science St.Xavier's College, Kolkata

Debraj Dutta - Mountaineer

Dr. Sayantan Bannerjee - Assistant Proffessor,Clinical Microbiology, ESI Medical College, Joka,

Dr. Arnab Chatterjee -  Ex. Lecturer Marine Science,  University of Western Brittany, France

This is a campaign which is first of its kind, extending 47 days, out of which 36 days will see a Cycle Rally travelling 70 km per day on an average, 2200 km approx in total.

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